Principal & Goals

Effectiveness, fast return to daily routine, personalization of therapy, new modern rehabilitation techniques, support and guidance throughout the process


Physiotherapy is a separate form of treatment/care that can be done either individually or in conjunction with other types of medical care. Physiotherapy is based on scientific data that is continuously renewed with the valuable contribution of research

Meet us

Join us to learn the wisdom of the human organism and achieve wellness & health, easily and quickly

The Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Center

….is a place created from the idea and vision of offering holistic approach to health services scientifically documented with the awareness of the uniqueness of each person.
Our love for each individual is our main concern. Our knowledge and services are continuously renewed following the scientific advance of physiotherapy worldwide. Our knowledge and service are continuously renewed following the scientific advance of physiotherapy worldwide. The care for each individual and their guidance focuses on therapies based on the needs of each patient.

 Our body has the ability to self-heal. Utmost importance nutrition, movement, environment, way of life and way of thinking. 

Our Innovative Work Space

A clean and beautiful space of 200 sq. meters with specially designed lighting,
air conditioning and a combination of bright colors ensures a calm and friendly


Easy accessibility, just a few meters from the center of town with private parking
and a specially designed space for individuals with limited mobility and special
support, heated therapeutic indoor pool, spacious specialized treatment rooms,
specialized therapeutic pilates space with mat tower and reformer and of course
the newest technology.